That something extra that makes the real difference


How many times have you started your vacation stressed out because of the search for parking? Double-parking, searching for a spot, paying exorbitant prices, risking a fine, parking far away... a real nightmare! And your seaside stay immediately turns into stress... the very thing you were trying to escape for a few days. Hotel Donatello offers you a convenient parking lot near the structure, perfect for those traveling with family or as a couple who want to have their own car always at hand. A fully available parking lot near our hotel is undoubtedly a very useful service not to be underestimated because it allows you to organize your vacations better, a prerogative of a relaxing vacation. The covered parking guarantees spaces for all customers, both for those traveling by car and by motorcycle. It is also an excellent solution for those who want to keep an eye on their car and do not want to waste precious time looking for parking or moving their car based on available spaces. As they say... "On vacation, I don't want to use the car, but if I have to..." and we at Hotel Donatello have also thought of this.


Years ago, we didn't even think about it. There were postcards to write on the terrace and send in bulk at the end of the vacation, telephone booths to call home in the evening during a walk between an ice cream and mini golf, the house key left to the neighbor for security, the weather forecast on the evening news, the TV shows that we didn't watch because we were in the game room... Now everything has changed, even if we don't want to admit it and it bothers us a little bit... we are slaves to our smartphones. But we don't want to consume the Giga. So... look for the nearest free Wi-fi network, you connect and then it's my turn because we only have one user, turn on Netflix because the new episode of the series came out and tonight after Go-Karts, we'll watch it, check the kitchen camera because I got a motion notification... but above all, the Social! Take a picture of me because tonight I'll post it on Instagram, send a voice message because they asked me how it's going, check the weather because we're going on an outing but they say it will rain, make a WhatsApp video call to grandma to show her the room... We could write that we have free Wi-fi in all rooms. Obvious. For us, it's much more! Because we believe that communication is everything, even when you're on vacation! And especially when you're away from home.

Bicycles, agreements, and exclusive benefits

At Hotel Donatello, there are numerous services at your disposal to make your days unforgettable. For example, you can use bicycles with child seats to enjoy a relaxing ride along the city's avenues. Furthermore, thanks to our agreements with the best beach services, you will have the opportunity to choose the activity you prefer and spend hours of pure fun on the beach. Our staff will always be at your disposal to offer you advice and suggestions for spending pleasant evenings, both for adults and children. If you're traveling with your family, our Family Hotel in Cesenatico offers many promotions and services dedicated to our customers with children. You can enjoy exclusive benefits without sacrificing the comfort and quality of the hospitality that our hotel has been offering for years.




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