Where history and sea meet

Cesenatico is a seaside resort that will surprise you with its uniqueness and history. Its canal port, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the city's main points of interest, offering a charming passage from the city to the lighthouse point that leads to the open sea. Here, a recent redevelopment has given life to a beautiful promenade, dotted with various venues where you can enjoy a cool drink, dine in front of the waves and enjoy the sunset.

But Cesenatico is not only about the sea and relaxation. The city is home to several important cultural and sporting events, such as the famous (9 pitches) sinuous internal cycling routes, which attract cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. Cesenatico hotels are well-equipped and offer packages for a traditional beach holiday, with affordable prices and quality services. Moreover, many of these services are being renovated to become even more accommodating, offering an even more unique experience. Cesenatico is also synonymous with history and architecture, with numerous settlements that tell the story of civilization in all epochs.

Along the beach, in fact, you can admire real pieces of architectural history, testimony to the hidden and changing conflicts that have characterized the city over the years. Among the numerous attractions that Cesenatico has to offer, the floating marine museum offers a rare view of 10 traditional Adriatic boats, while the Nativity scene set up above during the Christmas period attracts many visitors for its fairy-tale landscapes. The Preserve Square, instead, is a beautiful stretch of history that allows us to witness the city's commercial past. Here, the ancient wells were actually used as ice to preserve fish.

But Cesenatico does not stop here. The city is rich in sports facilities of all kinds and beach clubs with special areas for recreational activities of all kinds, including gymnastics. Water sports can rely on the large clubs in the region, which organize courses and excursions for all levels. Furthermore, from Cesenatico you can also take the hydrofoil to Croatia, to visit the wonders of this enchanting destination for one or two days.

Finally, the night in Cesenatico will not disappoint your expectations. Numerous nightclubs and trendy venues make different seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast such as Milano Marittima, Rimini and Marina di Ravenna seem like nothing in comparison.

Discover the magic of Cesenatico and book your unique holiday now.