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Free WIFI Internet access in Hotel

Free-WiFiInternet has changed our way of working and spending time in a revolutionary way but also the way of enjoying our holidays: these are no more isolation or a break from your connections or friends but a real opportunity of sharing thanks to the social networks. The three-star Hotel Donatello, located in downtown Cesenatico, offers our guests a free wifi internet access, a functional service available inside the Hotel in the common areas and in the rooms, perfect to share each moment of your stay with your friends on the web.
A free wifi internet access does not only mean sharing but also gathering information in real time about all the latest on internet or having fun with streaming videos and music. This is a real benefit you should consider when you choose an exclusive and special holiday in Cesenatico! You will enjoy a king stay thanks to our comfortable rooms suitable for all your needs; thanks to our breakfast buffet you will start your day with many energies for an exclusive stay.
The management of the Hotel Donatello, thanks to its long experience gained over the years, has developed custom-made services for every kind of guest. Inside the Hotel Donatello you will find top quality services and a lot of perfect pluses like the wireless internet connection, to have an unforgettable holiday or a weekend. Thanks to functional and well-equipped rooms, service agreements and a private parking area provided by our Hotel Donatello you will find the comfort of your home—and perhaps something more!

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