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Cesenatico Information

Cesenatico port channel and the famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, is the ideal destination for those seeking a holiday steeped in charm and history. The town is home to several major cultural and sporting events, including the famous (9 parcels) that winds inland routes with proof of pedals. There are many cycle enthusiasts who choose hotels in Cesenatico as a base for their holiday, hotels are in fact well equipped. Cesenatico is also synonymous with holidays and sea, and even above it on this vacation and characterizes its tourist offer, historically confirmed also by many colonies, real pieces of architectural history, which is testimony along the beach.

Many of these being restructured services will become receptive, the town is in fact changing with a performance full of styles that tell the different eras: the ancient town of villas on the wide avenues and modern hotel that color the streets, hidden conflicts and changing transformed into a delightful game that tells the story of civilization in every age.
The beach holiday in all the hotels in Cesenatico, offers packages for the traditional seaside holiday, the prices are cheap, the three-star hotel services and hotels in Cesenatico beach and Welness ottimi.Mare CesenaticoA in Cesenatico are sports facilities of all kinds, beach club with special areas for the recreation of all kinds, including gymnastics. Water sports can count on great clubs of the area: sailing, catamaran sailing and any other discipline. The sailing school in Cesenatico organizes summer schools and agencies offer courses and trips. From Cesenatico also the hydrofoil to Croatia, to visit for one or two days with different solutions and also excursions to visit giornaliere.Da Cesenatico The port designed by Leonardo da Vinci offers a fascinating passage, from town to the tip of the lighthouse which leads into the open sea, where the recent redevelopment has designed a beautiful walk. Along this path there are various venues for young people who light up from dusk to music and where you can sip a cool drink, dine in front of the waves.

The floating museum of the navy, is at the most upstream of the ancient harbor and offers a rare vision of 10 traditional boats of the Adriatic.
Particularly striking, the nativity scene at Christmas time that is set up above and attracts many visitors for its fairy-tale landscape. The square Conserve is a beautiful stretch of history that we witness the town’s commercial past. His old wells were in fact used as ice to preserve fish, among other things.
By way of Marino Moretti, you can visit the birthplace of the poet himself (1885/1979), now a museum permanente.Notte Cesenatico There are many nightclubs and trendy dress that several air of lively seaside resort town on the Adriatic coast.
However the majority of venues for young people are found along viale Carducci, especially from the skyscraper to the harbor, extending then to the port channel and the shovel again, another area the ancient port and the streets adjoining leonardeco which are characterized by the presence the local taverns.
Easy to meet during the summer, outdoor parties, but from Cesenatico is easy to reach even the most popular destinations such as Milan Marittima (10 minutes by car), Rimini (10 minutes) or Marina di Ravenna (20 minutes).

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